Joshua Holmes


Joshua Holmes has completed 174 marathons/ultramarathons while running 100+ miles 37 including races such as the Badwater 135 (3x), Western States 100, The Last Annual Vol State 500K (3x). His favorite races to date are the Vol State 500K, Badwater 135, Catalina Eco Marathon, Chimera 100, Across The Years, Savage Gulf Trail Marathon, Strolling Jim 40 Miler, Tunnel Hill 100, RUTS, EC100 and the Flying Monkey Marathon in his home state of Tennessee.
Joshua and family

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The Most Driven Runners on the Planet.

Run It Fast is a way of life for both beginning and veteran endurance athletes. RIF is inclusive and open to everyone who wants to become a better runner. ‘RUN IT FAST’ is simply a motto for pushing past your own limits to go further, faster, and do more than you ever have before. Everyone’s ‘Fast’ is relative and 100% subjective.

As a part of the Run It Fast Running Club you will receive a Run It Fast tech shirt for joining. There is not a better way to receive encouragement at a race than to be sporting the RIF shirt. You will hear ‘Run It Fast’ at the exact moment your energy dips or you need that extra push to finish that race or set a new PR.

In addition, you will have access to Run It Fast experts of various levels (via our private Facebook Group) to discuss running your first 5K, half marathon, marathon, or ultra. You will also receive discounts on Run It Fast gear, RIF races, and non-RIF races where we can procure a group discount, as well as a generous discount to and others.

With your membership you will be eligible to participate in the Extreme Racer competition whereby members receive a point for every race mile they run. The overall winner(s) will be recognized at the end of the year as the ‘Extreme Racer’ of the year.

If you’ve wanted to be part of a national running community to encourage and be encouraged by others you will enjoy being a part of Run It Fast – The Club.

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